fresh-cut lettuce and leafy salad

TOMRA Sorting laser and chlorophyll sensing technologies deliver spectacular sorting results on leafy salads and cut/chopped/shredded lettuce. Our experience in the industry enables us to offer solutions adapted to your individual requirements, products and position on the line.

Typical applications include:

  • Baby leaf and spinach; mixed baby leaves Watch video
    • chlorophyll sensing to remove any foreign bodies
    • colour sorting for discoloured/damaged leaves
    • gross defect removal before further processing Watch video
  • Chopped/shredded iceberg and romaine Watch video
    • laser structure sorting for core detection
    • colour sorting to remove pink, dark green or damaged leaves
  • Cut salads and salad mixes
    • colour sorting and FM + EVM removal
    • end of line inspection for FM detection

Please contact us to find out what is possible for your specific application.


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