TOMRA Sorting's wide range of technologies and machines for sorting vegetables enables us to provide tailored solutions for all types of vegetables in various conditions - large or small, cut or whole, fresh, blanched, frozen or dried.

Please contact us to discuss your particular sorting requirement.

TOMRA Sorting’s state-of-the-art steam peelers are widely used to peel root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, swede, parsnips, and other varieties including peppers and chillies. In addition, we offer a complete peeling line solution which also comprises post-peel equipment including brusher, washer and optical sorter, for capacities ranging between 1,000 and 50,000 kg/hour.

Typical applications include:

  • Root vegetables
    • peeling, brushing, washing
    • colour sorting, shape recognition and FM removal for whole, diced, sliced or baton product Watch video
  • Peas, beans, pulses
    • colour sorting and FM + EVM removal for fresh, blanched, frozen or dried products Watch video
    • x-ray sorting to remove small dense FM
  • Green beans
    • gross defect removal before any further processing Watch video
    • colour sorting, shape recognition and FM+ EVM removal for fresh, blanched or frozen product
  • Frozen mixed vegetables
    • end of line inspection for FM and EVM in packing or repacking operations Watch video

Please contact us to find out what is possible for your specific application.


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